Memories Virtual Exhibition

There are three initial types of memory; sensory, short-term, and long-term. Some memories can last a lifetime, others linger for only a few seconds... We use memories to learn, reflect, and share, to enrich our lives and grow closer together. Memories are an essential part of being human.

This open call invites artists to reflect on their memories and the concept of memory itself through their work

Exhibition dates:

March 12th to May 20th

Deadline: February 22nd/2021

Please read before filling out the Online Application.

This is an OPEN Call.
The LAC welcomes all artists at any stage of their career to submit artwork to this call. We are also open internationally to submissions.

Artists can submit a maximum of three artworks to be considered for each online call.

Artists will be sent an email regarding the status of their submission after the exhibition deadline; it may take up to one week to review all of the applications by the juror. We will notify everyone regarding the status of their application once all artwork has been considered.

Please be aware that when applying for an Online Exhibition the artwork you have submitted MUST be for sale and MUST be reserved for sales for the duration of the exhibition and not sold elsewhere. All artwork for sale on will be priced in CAD dollars. 

Photographing your Artwork

Please keep in mind that the AIFS Online Gallery will be using the photograph you submit here for our online gallery. 

We've provided two resources for artists on how to successfully photograph their artwork. Since this is a digital platform it is imperative to have good quality images. These resources should help you to achieve that.

"How to Photograph a Painting, Step by Step" by Artists Network Staff

"How to Document Your Artwork with Jannette Maedel" by the Surrey Art Gallery

The Fee

For members of the Langley Arts Council, their Online Submissions are FREE. For non-members of the Langley Arts Council in order to be considered for an Online Exhibition, the artist must pay the submission fee (the submission fee is non-refundable). All fees go towards the making of the AIFS Online Gallery and to fund more online exhibition projects like this one. 

If you would like to become a member of the LAC and bypass the submission fee CLICK HERE


The LAC takes a 15% commission on sales for any sales Online Exhibitions.

Jurying Process

Download the juror's package below.

STEP 1 - Fill out the Online Application Below

Submission Form

STEP 2 - Payment if you are NOT a Member of the LAC

Please pay the submission fee below if you are NOT a member of the Langley Arts Council and it is an OPEN Call to artists (will be specified on the Call). If you are a current MEMBER of the LAC it is FREE to submit to the Online Gallery.

Artwork being Submitted

Thank you for your application! the Gallery Director will confirm when your application has been received.