A Interview with Solo Exhibition Artists Nino Dobrosavljevic

The Langley Arts Council wanted to conduct and short Q&A with Nino about his exhibition The Artist's Dream so that our community can fully experience Nino's Online Exhibition and get to know him better as an artist. Nino is an artist who is deeply rooted in symbolism and art history, this Q&A was conducted over email between Nino and Claire Sarfeld the Gallery Director.

What artists or artistic movements are you most inspired by?

In my early days I used to love Impressionism. But today... I like realism because of the way I paint, and the ways I use paintings now. I love symbolism as well as surrealism. My favorite painters are Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio, and Gustav Klimt.

Pictured below is The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

What is your favorite artistic tool? Or what could you not live without in your studio?

My artistry is canvas and brush and I also really love the books I keep around.

Why do you want to incorporate symbolism in your artwork?

Why I use symbolism is because I find very great opportunities for my artistic expression here. I enjoy George Fredrick Watts quote where he said ''I paint ideas, not things''.

What's an important lesson you have learned as an artist?

The lessons I have learned are to be consistent with myself in exploring and working on my own direction of painting.

What artwork in "The Artists Dream" exhibition are you the most proud of?

I am proud or love a lot of my pictures, maybe a little clown who has something special in him, maybe this last picture of '' The Artist's Dream, I don't know.

Pictured below is The Artist's Dream by Nino Dobrosavljevic

What keeps you creating?

What keeps me going and the new challenges in creating a new idea and how to make them happen.

What's something the Langley Arts Council community might not know about you?

I have been practicing painting for almost fifty years in the former state. I have exhibited a lot and received some awards for my artwork. I only have two paintings and a few sketches from the pre-1990's, all disappeared in the civil war.

We've noticed that you like to play with Illusion-ism in your artwork? Where was this idea inspired from?

I discovered my interest in illusion-ism a long time ago. It helps me to express myself as much as possible, and gives me freedom to paint new creations.

Have you always been interested in history?

I was always interested in the history of painting, and wanted to put these famous painters into my artwork in some way to bring them back to life.

What's next for Nino?

I have many ideas flowing and I am in a hurry to paint them, I paint almost every day.

The Langley Arts Council would like to thank Nino for his hard work and dedication to putting on a great show with the LAC for the AIFS Online Gallery.

Visit Nino's Website HERE