Lana Hart - President 

Shane Rochon - Vice President

Judy Vanderveen - Treasurer  

Alana Evans - Director 

David Johnson - Director


Diane Gendron - Director

Marlo Browne - Director

Anita Klein - Director

Suzanne Erickson - Director 

Suzanne Erickson is a multi-discipline artist and professional engraver whose work synthesizes ideas and techniques developed over a long and varied career in art. Suzanne started a successful business working with high-level fashion and fragrance companies, engraving perfume, and cosmetic products. With a continued interest in sculptural art and fascinated by the natural beauty, and historical importance of gourds, Suzanne has found a new medium in one of the world's earliest cultivated plants. The masterful carving, painting, weaving, pyrography, and embellishment found in her work, recalls an earlier time when these objects were treasured as possessions of noble people who were deeply connected to the earth.

Kathy Neudorf - Director
Art has been my life's journey, from my first scribbles to my current explorations in music. In between, I have been a painter, pastel artist, photographer, poet, lyricist, graphic designer, knitter, seamstress, cosmetician, and foodie. I am still many of these things - it is never over!

LAC Office Staff

Claire Sarfeld - Executive Director
Nicole Hutton - Office Manager & Bookings Coordinator 

Mimi Sayvong - Arts Coordinator 
Freda Lombard - Events Coordinator 

Neil Mcnernie - Building Maintenance