The LAC's Favorite Father's Day Craft Ideas

We're back for a Father's Day edition! The Langley Arts Council searched the internet for some fresh ideas for this years Father's Day Gifts. These crafts are unique, most include minimal supplies that are easy to come by, and there is a wide variety for all ages!

Take a look through our suggestions and find the duo that best suits your dad, or better yet feel free to mix and match our suggestions!

Here are some retailers to buy you supplies from:

  • Opus Art Supplies
  • Dollarama
  • Michaels
  • Amazon
  • Local Grocery Store

1. Worlds Best Dad Trophy and Can Toss Game

Trophy by:

Homemade Can Toss Game by:

Click HERE for how-to make the World's Best Dad Trophy

Click HERE for the Angry Birds Can Toss Game.

2. Football Brownies and Dad Rocks Paper Weight

Football Brownies by:

Dad Rocks Paper Weight by:

For the recipe and how-to steps click HERE

Click HERE 

3. My Dad is Rad Scrapbook and Dress like Dad photo-shoot

Scrapbook by:

Photo-shoot idea by: &

For the printable "My Dad is Rad" Scrapbook click HERE

4. Candy Bar Letter and Homemade Foosball Game 

Candy Bar Letter by :

Foosball Game by:

Is your family ready to have a laugh and an afternoon filled with games?! This duo is a great craft to make 

For the step by step how-to create the Foosball game click HERE

5. S'Mores Milk Shakes and Building Memories Game

Milkshake recipe by:

Building Memories Game by:

For the full Milk Shake recipe click HERE 

Click HERE for more information about the Building Memories Game.

6. Best Dad Colouring Sheet and Bird Feeder

Colouring Sheet by:

Bird Feeder by:

For the Downloadable Colouring Sheet Click HERE

Click HERE for the homemade Bird Feeder