Art Instructor Application - On Contract

Reporting to the Langley Arts Council's Arts Coordinator, each art instructor is contracted by the LAC to provide an educational experience by conducting weekly, monthly, or one-time workshops and or art classes. This can be for children, teens, and/or adults.This contract includes designing, organizing age and subject appropriate programming, facilitating classes, and providing a high-quality, professional, and fun experience for all art class participants.This is a term contract for instructors with the potential for ongoing opportunities based on class success.There is a current need for instructors proposing adult programming (16+) being held weekday evenings, and or child/teen classes being held on weekend mornings.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plan course content in consultation with the Arts Coordinator
  • Prepare a course outline which includes a supply list (including cost of materials & where to source the supplies)
  • Create an environment that is conducive to learning about the elements and principles of visual communication, while encouraging creative expression
  • Manage classroom activities and keep a written record of students’ attendance
  • Consult with the Arts Coordinator regarding supply requests, and other related matters
  • Orient students and volunteers to the safe handling of all materials used in the course
  • Clean-up of the studio after class ends (putting chairs and tables away, sweeping the floor if it gets messy for the next instructor/rental).
  • Represent the Langley Arts Council as a contractor to the public in a professional manner
  • Supervise volunteers (if applicable)
  • Assist with the booking of models for class from the current studio model list (if applicable)
  • Ongoing performance expectations relating to equity and anti-racism, including ongoing education, confrontation of personal biases, application of the anti-racism policy and equitable decision-making.


  • A complete application to the Langley Arts Council.
  • Previous instructional experience
  • Expertise in one or more mediums as relates to the proposed programming; drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, digital photography (Lightroom and Photoshop), animation (ToonBoom or Stop Motion), digital drawing (Procreate) or pottery.
  • Current Criminal Records Check.
  • First Aid certification if looking to hold programming outside of staff hours.
  • Signed policy and procedural documents.
  • Signed contract for programming.

To submit a formal application, fill out the application below. We will reach out for further information and to work with you to present your programming if it's a good fit for the organization, fulfills the communities need for programming, and as space in the calendar opens.Questions regarding this opportunity contact Mimi Savyong at