Registration Form for the Langley Arts Council's 2020 Christmas Market

Read below for information and deadlines regarding the 2020 Christmas Market

What each artisans shop will look like:

All of the Artisan's shops will be showcased on the same page. 

Each Artisan's individual shop will have their shop name, a short intro about their shop or themselves, and 15 images of their products including shop logo/image. These 15 images are meant to stay on the Langley Arts Council's Market for the duration of the Market, and will not be swapped out if they have sold. The idea is to have a 15 image 'Look book' that showcases what each vendor is selling. That being said, just because there are 15 images does not mean you can only showcase 15 products. Feel free to have a few colour options, flavours, or products displayed alongside each other. 

Underneath each of the photos in your Lookbook, there will be a link to each artisan's website where the buyer can purchase directly from the particular artisan. 

Artisans will need to have a link provided to either a website or a Facebook Shop to participate in this market. Buyers will be contacting you through this link to complete their purchase. 

The LAC will not be collecting any type of commission from the sales made in the 2020 Christmas Market. All sales will be facilitated by the Artisan themselves, and buyers will contact them directly. 

What you're paying for:

A spot in a financially friendly marketplace with sleek design alongside other talented artisans. 

A feature on the Langley Arts Council's platforms and social media.

Market Dates:

November 13th, 2020 - January 10th, 2021

Deadline for application, product shots, and fee payment 

November 1st, 2020

To submit your application for the LAC's Online Artisan Market please follow the three steps below. 

Step 1- fill out the application form below

Step 2- pay the artisan fee 

Step 3- email your 15 product shots and logo to

Step 1 - Application Form

Step 2 - PayPal Fee

Please note the button below has a drop-down menu if you click on the price. It is a $35 shop fee if you are a member of the Langley Arts Council and it is a $31 fee if you are not a member of the Langley Arts Council.

Pick Fee Type

Step 3 - Please email your 15 product shots to 

Thank you for registering for the 2020 Online Artisan Market! Claire or Nicole will be in touch when she has received all of the information above.