New Year, New Beginnings: Open Call

'New Year, New Beginnings' focuses on the current social issues many of us face in varying degrees i.e. racism, homophobia, sexism, poverty, climate change, and how we can be kinder and more understanding of each other in the coming year. We hope to find solutions to these societal issues, together. This exhibit brings to light how we all may encounter and grapple with these injustices though we experience them differently. Such differences include one’s race, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, financial status, etc. We encourage and invite members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Persons of Colour), 2S/LGBTQIA+, disabled, low-income, and other marginalized communities to apply.

Exhibition Dates: January 11th - February 22nd

Showing at the Timms Community Centre Walkway Gallery located at 20399 Douglas Cres, Langley BC V3A 4B3.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

Please see the information below to apply to this Open Call.


~ Please ensure your work follows the LAC's definition of an 'Original Artwork'

Original artwork is created at the hand of the artist who is submitting the work. The creation process must be the effort of a single individual to convey their own personal interpretation of an image or multiple images. Submitting artists are allowed to use reference photos to inspire their work, but artists must use their own design and composition for the final artwork to be considered original.

~ If you are submitting a photo medium, please ensure the main focal point of the image was taken by the artist and is not a stock image. We do allow stock images to be used in submitted artworks however it must not make up more than 30% of the entire finished artwork.

~ Please submit artwork that has not been shown in any of the LAC's previous exhibitions.

~ Artists are welcome to submit 3 artworks for consideration and will receive a notice via email about the status of their submission after the show's submission deadline.

~ All artworks must be for sale, and any sales that take place during the duration of the exhibition must be facilitated through the LAC.

~ This call can only accommodate artwork that can be hung on a wall and all artworks must remain hung for the duration of the exhibition.

~ All artworks must be suitably prepared for display. Artworks must be appropriately framed or stretched with finished sides and properly wired for hanging, using d-hooks and wire. The D hooks should be 4” from the top of the frame or 1/3 of the height of the frame. The stretched wire should be 2” below the top of the frame. The Langley Arts Council reserves the right to refuse any piece. Work not properly prepared may not be exhibited (consult with Gallery Director regarding any questions or special considerations before exhibition).

Photographing your Artwork

~ If you are accepted to this exhibition your artwork will also be featured on the virtual online gallery. Click here to see the AIFS Online Galleries. Since your artwork will be featured on the online Gallery it is imperative, we receive high-quality image submissions from you.

~ We've provided two resources for artists on how to successfully photograph their artwork.

"How to Photograph a Painting, Step by Step" by Artists Network Staff

"How to Document Your Artwork with Jannette Maedel" by the Surrey Art Gallery

Artwork that will not be accepted
~ Artworks submitted to the Langley Arts Council must not have been created in an art class, lesson, or paint night.


~ The Langley Arts Council takes a 30% commission on all sales for this exhibition.

~ Please note. The Langley Arts Council insurance policy does not provide coverage for exhibiting artists. The Langley Arts Council cannot be responsible for theft or damage in any of their Art In Found Spaces Galleries; that being said precaution will be exercised to keep the artwork safe in each exhibition space.