The Langley Arts Council is accepting expressions of interest for its Board of Directors.

Do you have a passion for arts, culture, and heritage, and a desire to help oversee the Langley Arts Council's governance and fulfill its new strategic direction?

Do you have connections to the arts and cultural ecosystem in the Langleys through your professional or volunteer engagement at the community level, with firsthand experience?

The Langley Arts Council will be hosting its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 10thInterested candidates, LAC members, or members of the community, who would like to propose candidates, or apply for consideration are asked to fill out the application below which will be passed onto the Nominations Committee.

The deadline for Director Applications is July 4th, 2023.

About the current Langley Arts Councils Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with diverse experiences and professional expertise. Please click here to see our current Board of Directors. 

Positions to be filled in the LAC Board of Directors 

  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • Director

About the Langley Arts Council 

Mission Statement

As a community-based arts organization, the mission of the Langley Arts Council is to: “Cultivate, sustain, and proliferate artistic activity in the Langleys by offering both monetary and resource support to the community as well as developing new and innovative programs in a variety of artistic disciplines.”


The Langley Art Council’s mandate is to: “Increase and broaden opportunities for citizens to enjoy and participate in cultural activities; to engage in such activities as will promote the advancement of education in arts, culture, and heritage, or other purposes of charitable nature beneficial to the community, to improve the standards of artistic expression in the community and increase the public’s knowledge of, appreciation for, and participation in the arts.”

Opportunity Description

We are currently looking to fill a limited number of vacancies on the Board of Directors with dedicated and enthusiastic area-based members with the following skill sets: fundraising, accounting/financial management, strategic planning, governance, advocacy, community development, and Indigenous cultural competency. Please note we are willing to accept Board Members who are not local if they are willing to travel for a majority of the monthly board meetings.

Candidates who have governance experience, experience in dynamic and culturally diverse contexts, a strong interest in the promotion of arts and culture, and experience and connections to community planning, marketing, legal, and finance are welcome to let their interests be known.

The role of Board Members is to provide stewardship, governance, and direction for the organization’s activities. Directors are not responsible for the day-to-day operations or artistic direction of the organization; however, Directors may be asked to support LAC’s leadership and contractors with various tasks and activities in their realm of expertise.

The Langley Arts Council acknowledges that diversity means inclusion and reflection of all peoples including cultures, languages, and perspectives. This means creating a welcoming environment for all people and ensuring that individuals have a voice at the board table. 

The Langley Arts Council is committed to supporting and providing leadership positions to people who have been historically disadvantaged and marginalized in art spaces. We encourage people from these communities to apply.


• Attend Board meetings
• Attend the Annual General Meeting
• Help to shape the organization’s policy and procedures.
• Volunteer at and/or attend Board fundraising events or initiatives.
• Attend and support other events held by the organization, including sharing promotional materials on social media.
• Maintain a good understanding of the LAC's constitution, mandate, vision, and values and adhere to the Code of Board Conduct.
• Represent and advocate for the organization in the community and at meetings with potential partners and stakeholders.


• Have a passion for arts and culture.
• Know at least one of these fields: fundraising, cultural granting programs and streams, accounting/financial management, capacity building, strategic planning, governance, advocacy, community development, or Indigenous cultural competency.
• Have previous experience volunteering or working with local arts and culture organizations.
• Demonstrate commitment, leadership, decision-making skills, and integrity, as well, as adhere to the values of the organization.
• Be community-minded and possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Board of Directors Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the Board of Directors?
Directors are expected to promote the LAC's interests and mission and give financial oversight to ensure organizational stability. The Board also approves organizational goals, policies, and plans.

Do you need to be a member of the Langley Arts Council?
To be considered for Directorship, you must be a member and maintain a LAC membership throughout your term.

3. How long is the term in office?
The term for Directorship is two years with a maximum number of three terms for a possible total of six years.

4. How often does the Board meet?
The Board usually meets monthly for one hour. These meetings are virtual and or in person. The current meeting date is the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. There is no meeting in August. There is also an AGM meeting in October held in person which Board Members are expected to attend.

What is the potential time commitment?

Directors must be prepared for the Board meetings. The Board package takes about an hour to read. The package is circulated prior to the meeting. Directors are required to participate on committees and attend LAC-facilitated events as a volunteer. The time commitment for committee work and events varies but averages an additional 2 - 5 hours or so a month.

6. What are the active Council Advisory Boards that are attended by a LAC Board Representative?

  • Arts, Recreation, Culture, and Heritage Advisory Board for the City of Langley. 
  • Recreation, Culture, and Parks Advisory Committee for the Township of Langley.

    7. What is the election process?
    Individuals expressing interest will be contacted by the Executive Director of the Langley Arts Council, the Chair of the LAC, or a member of the Nomination Committee. There will be a brief interview of all potential candidates including those Directors who are eligible to serve their second or third terms. The Governance Committee will compile a slate of candidates for Board approval. These candidates will be the slate that best meets the needs of the Langley Arts Council at this time. This Nomination Committee’s slate is presented at the AGM for election. There are no member nominations from the floor at the AGM.

    To formally apply for a position of Directorship with the Langley Arts Council or to nominate someone, please fill out the application below.